i need help finding childhood game!

i recently remembered this old computer game i used to play and i can’t remember the name of it. i only remember a bit about the game so i’m hoping someone shares similar memories w me. okay so it was a quest game, 2d, and i’m pretty sure click and point? it had forests, caves, farms, magical creatures. there was a specific part of the game i remember with floating/jumping bovines and you could collect milk from them. there might’ve been a scene with spiders? the point of the game was to gather items and complete tasks. another part of the gameplay i remember is there was a fire creature that was causing damage in areas of the game and you had to talk to it. that’s where i left of i’m pretty sure. i think it was meant for girls? it was cute and animated of course. idk i’m scraping at memories for this post. i reallly loved this game so if this rings a bell please help meee

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