I can’t remember the name of an old childhood pc game

I only remember it's a game about hunting/capturing slugs. It's a turn based board game with 4 players. The game starts off with a grid with many tiles (I forgot exactly how many tiles there are). You take turns to open these tiles to find the slugs, a bit like battleship I think where you also guess where your opponent ships are.

If that tile has no slugs it just says "no slugs", if there a slug near the tile you opened, it says "near slugs" and you get points. If there's a slug it will show a picture of a slug in the tile and a cutscene will play showing your character capturing the slug with a net and you get points.

There's one or two tiles that contains a happy face and if you find it you'll get points too. There's also one or two tiles with a sad face and if you open a tile that has it you'll lose points.

I think the games ends when all of the tiles are opened and the player with the most points win. I remember playing it around 2010 but I'm not sure when the game was actually made. I've searched the internet by typing "slug game" or "slug hunting board game" but still can't find it. All I get was metal slug lol

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/t7zuie/i_cant_remember_the_name_of_an_old_childhood_pc/

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