How to get this old game now in 2022

This game was my childhood, this summer i played it again for the first time in 12 years on a laptop older than me and its still as amazing as i remember it being. The name of the game is "Apache Longbow Assault" and it came out in 2004. I have the disk, but its currently in a different country so im looking for a way to get it somehow online if possible. If thats impossible, please advise me how to get the disk version of the game onto my pc, i do not have an internal rom as it is a newer pc, but i do have an external rom. I have searched everywhere but no sites can give me what i want, and the ones from 2011 that would seem to give me the download are "not available" so…… Please help in anyway possible. Thank you

Ps: Theres a bunch of different games with the same title but im looking for the 2004 version, and if you type in apache longbow assault trailer into youtube you will be able to see how the game looks. Theres a 2010 version and 1995 version that seem to be the most popular results when i try to find the one im looking for, but i dont need those..


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