Hey! looking for a ~2000s pixelated 2D platformer megaman-ish game i played a long time ago on windows 7

i don't remember much about what the actual story could've been, but i think my (very possibly wrong) understanding of it at the time was that the protagonist -a brown somewhat puffy haired boy with green pants and an orange shirt, may or may not have had green eyes- might've been trying to save another character who's potentially been abducted? i think the other character was a girl with a blonde ponytail and a pink shirt, i recall the very first area of the game was in a forest style area but clips that played somewhere showed a space like environment that im pretty sure i never got to, and i think the save points might've been through a device that almost looks like a portal with dark blue rays swirling in a machine when it gets activated, and there were enemies as well as a sort of healthbar which means there likely was combat but i remember nothing of it, and it might've had a limited number of lives before having to start the game over which would explain why a sub-10 year old couldn't get past the first area

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/10mqofm/hey_looking_for_a_2000s_pixelated_2d_platformer/

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