Does anyone else remember a game with this blonde dude having a gun going into a fancy place where lady's had purple,red ect dresses and there were butlers but when you shot them they'd bleed and people would be chill with you till you shot someone,it was third person I remember and it looked like a super Nintendo or Nintendo game but I remember being able to drag the lady's along without killing them till they'd escape from you cause I'd be like ':DD I GOT A FRIEND!'
I remember being afraid I'd get caught playing it cuz it was so gory (to me as a 4 yr old with strict parents) for a 16-bit or 8-bit looking game lolz
But if anyone remembers please God let me k n o w w w cause I really want to remember WTF it was
And I keep looking for it on Google only to find nothing
It was kinda like GTA but different,I don't remember anything else besides that unfortunately but I'm assuming it may have been on the super Nintendo or the regular Nintendo idk


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