Help me to find an old galaxy RPG game.


I am lookin for an old galaxy rpg game.

There were different races and different starting jobs.

After some game-time maybe it was the mid-game or the end-game when a new, stronger, high tech enemy alien race appeared threatening the world and civilisations. They were hostile and didn't communicate and had weird looking spaceships and had a name. They became the common enemy and the goal became to destroy them, pick up their destroyed spaceship's parts to improve technology to get better weapons and stuff to defend the galaxy against them.

There were quests or missions.

There was some minigame fighting vs space pirates arcade style in an arena while spacetravelling by wormholes.

It was possible to be betrayed and get into jail or build sg or do some tasks and it was like a reading game where i had to choose from a,b,c,d choices or sg like that.

Always had to go to different planets to complete tasks if it wasn't about destroying X spaceship like a famous pirate or defending, following a spaceship to protect it against pirates.

The goal of the game was to get money to make ur spaceship stronger.

The planets had different roles or buildings.

If u were on the good side u culd achieve titles and improve relationships with different races, planets, etc…My memory is fogy.


  • humans, maybe blu or white spaceship
  • strong looking short, wide aliens who are a bit similiar to Krogans from mass effect, red spaceship
  • Smart, technology advanced, noble aliens, yellow spaceship
  • Green maybe bug like or weird lookin aliens, green spaceship

Starting jobs:

  • Police
  • Merchant
  • Pirate


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