Help me find this game.

Back in the 2010s there was this mobile game called something along the lines of “bad kid”. It’s a game where you spawn as some nerdy girl and as you progress the school just gets worse. There are bullies, kids selling drugs, armor, ways you could learn how to fight, ect. I remember the school vividly, white walls, terrible graphics, everything was very angular. There was a museum somewhere in the school, an auditorium, a playground, and more. There was no real point to the game except you have to go around and fight all the bullies. I remember fighting a boss in a locker room called “t-dog” or “t-bone”. There was another boss somewhere in a hallway built library. Another one at the playground near the basketball hoops. And more. Eventually I think I beat the game and ended up in this super neon lit up acid trip part of the game where it felt like endless bullies I had to fight, most of them were what I liked to call brutes, I do not remember an overall end boss, just that part. Please help me find this or let me know if anyone else has ever heard of, seen, or played this game before. Please?


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