Help me find this flash game from the 2000s

I remember back in maybe the early 2000s to 2010 I would play this dog game where you would raise and train a puppy. At first the puppy was very energetic but as you aged it up it would get slower and then the dog would eventually pass away. You wouldn't see the dog pass away rather the game would just play the end credits on a wall that also displayed pictures of the dog through out the time you had it. It was such a sad game but I played it a lot. I remember you would feed the dog and you could have it run on a treadmill. When you put it on the treadmill as it aged it ran slower till it eventually just walked. I believe the dog was a German shepherd. it was such a unique game and the art was also pretty good. I desperately want to find this game and play it again. Please help me find it so I can prove to my friends it was not a fever dream.


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