Help me find an old PC game from the late ’90 or early ’00

Im looking for a specific PC game from the late '90 to early '00.

Here is what I remember;

Genre: Tactical squad combat ( maybe turned based). Much like newer X-Com games.

Setting: Futuristic city. Might have hints of cyberpunk. Possibly a dark future.

Story: You are a future cop with a squad that you deploy and fight with.

Gameplay: The game starts in your office in a tall building in a city.

You deploy (possibly equip) you squad and go in a Mission.

Plays much like X-Com games with crude 3D graphics/Isometric camera angles.

I distinctly remeber the team members say something like "- I see one!" when an enemy is detected.

Thats all I got. Does it sound familiar to anyone?

P.S I'm almost certain its not any of Bullfrogs Syndicate games, but the vibe is similar.


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