Help me find an old game

Does anybody know the name of an old cooking game? I can only remember a few details about it. It's a pc game, the main menu looks like a burner knob. You'll cook dishes that you'll choose beforehand, each one for the appetizer, main dish (tbh idk what this part is called in the game), and dessert. It's a 2d game, and I remember the game looking tiled. It has actions you need to perform to cook your dish such as mincing, boiling?, and saute?, I'm not sure with the last two but I'm 100% sure mincing is there. Then at the end, your dishes will be judged by a critique. I also remember that it kinda has a timed mini-game for cleaning, there are icons such as rats, wet floor signs, mops, and spray bottle i think. I can't remember much about it but I really want to find it. Please let me know if you have any idea about the name of this game. I remember playing this game during my childhood, probably around 2000-2013, please help me!


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