Help me find a 90s/00s child’s detective game

Not being able to recall the name of this game has plagued me for at least 5 years. Every once in a while I go through a hyperfixation on it and try all avenues I can to find the name of this game!!

Hap-hazard description:

I would have likely been release in the late 90s, early 2000s. The game started in a carnival when the orchestra goes missing! There are two siblings(?) that are these fuzzy little creatures, one pink, one blue, who are detectives. They are contacted to help locate the orchestra (or maybe their instruments?) You begin the decetive part of the game by going through a tiny door into another world. I don't remember much about the actual game play, although it took place on a pier. There was one area that had a barbershop quartet and a giant ground piano. I remember for part of the game, so you could interview a mouse or something, you had to take a potion to shrink down but my game was bugged and it would never actually shrink you down. I enlisted the help of my older sisters and none of us were ever able to finish it due to the bug.

I have grilled all of my family memebers trying to figure out the name of this game but none of them have any solid memories of it.

Please, please help me scratch this brain itch!!


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