Help me figure out this detective game!

Hi, everyone. I'm trying to figure out the name of this OLD detective game that I played on my first Apple IIe in the 1980's.

You're a detective in Washington, DC. Your partner was kidnapped. You need to find him. Most of the game is side scrolling around places like The Mall looking for clues, or visiting different locations to have "dialogue" with different characters.

The game eventually ends with you finding your partner tied up to a bomb in a hidden room somewhere within the game (its random each time.) You have to diffuse the bomb using instructions you'd found elsewhere in the game. Its dark, you have to light a match which inevitably goes out etc.

Basically, you have to disarm the bomb, free him, and tell everyone who the kidnapper was.

Like I said, this is an OLD game (hence me asking here). Does this sound familiar to anyone?


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