HELP – can’t remember the name of this game

the game starting cutscene:
you are a knight of this lovely kingdom whit a good king, you are suddenly attracted by a knight in black armor that rides in on a dragon, beside be a powerful melee user the knight in black also knows magic and turns you to stone, after turning you to stone you are sent back in time.

some 200(i think) years before(the start of the game):
a lonely wizard practice reanimating magic on you(a statue that have been there for a LONG time) and finely succeeds.
after a quick briefing he sends you on the way to the nearby city where your quest to save your king and country in the future starts.

additional info:
the game looked like it was animated Duplo (basically LEGO but "taller").
it was released some 15-25 years ago.


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