[Game][1995-2005] Please help me! I need help to find a old game about spaceships fighting each other. It’s a fighting/shooter/spaceship hybrid (Possible Japanese Game). I can’t find it anywhere, I need your help

Platform(s): PC (Possible Others)

Genre: Fighting/Shooter/Spaceships (not shoot 'em up)

Estimated year of release: 1990-2000 (Maybe 1995-2005)

Graphics/art style: 2D/Side-Scrolling/Anime Characters

Notable characters: All characters are girls (except one dude)

Notable gameplay mechanics: Spaceships can freely move around the map and dodge enemy attack/gun fire. Every spaceships has a distinct attack/weapon and powerful special attack/move

Other details: Game about spaceships fighting each other. Every character have a distinct spaceship. Characters are locked at the start of the game, beat the game will gradually unlocking new spaceships/characters. Endgame characters have powerful and much bigger spaceships

Ask me questions if you need more details, I'll do my best to remember, please help me

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/11n7pkv/game19952005_please_help_me_i_need_help_to_find_a/

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