Finding Old tactical pc game.

I need to find a realtime tactical game, like commandos

As far as I remember:

  • The game was played on old Windows (apparently XP), I installed it via disc, and I can't remember a single word in the name of the game because I was young and didn't notice it at that time.
  • One of the first missions seems to be breaking into a floating submarine at night, inside the submarine there are stairs to go down to the lower compartment, the environment can be floating on ice (this detail is uncertain).

  • The context is modern because the gun system is quite modern, not in the W2.

  • Before starting each mission, members will be hired/picked to form a squad to do that task, the list of members to pick is very diverse, each member has different skills and weapons, 1 mission can't pick all of them due to money limit or something. Kind of like choosing/hiring a task force or a team of mercenaries to do the quest.

  • It seems that it is possible to loot enemy items and exchange items between members (this detail is uncertain).

  • Items can be pistols, Mp5, knives, other tools. The type of equipment is optimal for small-scale missions, needing flexibility, but not heavy equipment.

  • The game has a mechanism to see enemy sight (the enemy's sight is green like in commandos)

  • The default viewing angle in the game is similar to commandos, whether to rotate the angle or zoom or not, I'm not sure.

I have searched many times but no results, maybe the game is not too prominent or this is a mod from a certain game or the main language in the game is not English. I played in the 200x


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