Finding an old game from a knock-off console

When I was about 10 years old, in between the years 2010 and 2013, my dad got me a console. It was some cheap knock-off console it was black and had a rectangle shape. You controlled it with four buttons on both sides of the console. It looked a lot like PS Vita. I think the games that were on it were preinstalled in there or you could download them on some sort of software and that had already come with the console. The game was about you being this figure that was making its way around by crushing stones but some stones were indestructible, some you could actually destroy and some blew up. Among these stones were these golems and they had this navigation mesh. They could be just on one block not moving but once you would intentionally or accidentally create them a path then they would be walking through that path back and forth. If they touched you then you would die. The game was pretty hard and had multiple levels. Some of the details about the game I don't remember entirely so maybe some of it is wrong. My memory of the game is really hazy.


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