does anyone remember this game?

Hey, so I have searched for this game the past 10 years, I used to play it like 15 years ago or so. I played it using a Windows XP computer. I can hardly remember anything because it was so many time ago but I think i got the main menu and a bit of the first level right.

I think that it used the doom idtech to run, or maybe the wolf3d version. The main menu, I think that had a lof of red, and maybe skulls on it. The first level (or what I think it is) started in an open area, I think i can remember a three or two around, something like grass. Behind you there was like a platform or something similar, and there was like an axe, and the first enemies were skulls that made a weird sound, like if they were bitting, or making something similar to "ahm".

I hope that someone remembers it.


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