Does anyone know of this childhood game?

So for the past couple of months I've been trying to remember/find this certain game from my childhood and wonder if any of you know it?

It takes place in the backyard/garden of a little human girl (child) who is a friend of the protagonist. I believe you play as a male mouse (but I'm not completely sure it's this type of animal) and this "mouse" has a female spider friend (might be a bee too, not sure). If I remember correctly, the point of the game is to rescue the human girl from someone/something. Maybe she was locked inside the garden shed? Basically you click around the game and interact with different animals/bugs and certain things. There might even be minigames.

I know it isn't a lot to go on, but sadly this is all I can remember. It was a game I enjoyed a ton and therefore I'd love to know the name of it.
If you happen to have any clue of the game, please feel free share it. If not, thank you for your time!


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