Does anyone happen to know about an old dinosaur learning game?

In the early 2000's before Sims 2 came out but after Sims 1 there was a cd rom game for young kids, probably up to age 10. Floppy discs at the time were still used as much as CDs but games were only then on cd's. I barely remember anything but it was a game I loved so much and It's killing me I can't remember it.

The game's title might've been something like 'I want to be a dinosaur hunter'? but it was an educational game about what dinosaurs with little minigames. One of them–the only one I remember–was a cafeteria where you had to serve the dinosaurs the food they wanted. I think you also excavated skeletons but the mascot I believe was a pterodactyl. I think the dinosaurs wore clothes.

So sorry for the vagueness and I doubt anyone would be able to find it, but reddit people really CAN find stuff so hopefully there's a shot?


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