Does anybody remember this old mysterious game

Ok, so I suddenly want to find out what this game is. It might've been an android game.

So, an egg falls from a ufo or something, and it hatches. It's a cute small creature/alien of some sort, and I think it had an antenna-like thing on its head. In that frame, there's a barn (with a light, crib, rug, and plant) where it can sleep, clouds passing by, and sometimes a breeze too. You drag clouds to water plants to grow fruits and even hotdogs. You use the rain from clouds to shower the alien and the breeze to dry it.

You can move left or right to go to different areas, and I think there was a fountain, lake, some mysterious gateway, a farm, a gypsy, and a cave. You can do stuff in each of these areas. I think the goal was to send the creature back home or something. The vibes were very mysterious because you were uncovering small hints and symbols on rocks.

Does anybody remember this game? I wanna know so bad.


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