do you know what game this is???

(tried posting this on r gaming, but got taken down 4 sum reason XP)

okay so there's this game me and my cousin used to play all the time when we were little, and this was about 10 years ago so i forgot the name. but it was a game where you play as this little guy with a bag over his head, and its in a cartoon style. in the game, you customized your own levels, and it was really awesome. i remember that in the game, the guy with the paper bag on his head also had a jetpack, which i would always use up instantly and die LOLLL

anyway, now that im all grown up, i really just wanna take a nostalgia trip back in time, to the days of my poopy little windows vista computer, and finding out the name of this game would mean A LOT to me. So if any of you know, please comment!!! thankssss XDD!!!


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