Desperately looking for a game I forgot the name of

Hi everyone! This is going to be very niche and I remember very little but I am hoping some of you could help me. I remember that there was a game I used to play in the early 2000s. It was either a dowload or needed a CD. It was a 3d game, probably came out around the time of Sims 2(so 2004ish). I have no clue about the purpose of the game but it was basically to create these alien dinosaurs? They were on a different planet but the scenery looked like the Jurassic period. You could choose how many eyes, tentacles, claws etc they had. There were different types like those on land or in water. You created them and they were very small(maybe even hatched from eggs I think?) and you had to keep growing them and I think they ate each other sometimes. This is all I can remember but I keep dreaming about it and it’s driving me insane. If anyone can decipher my babbling and knows which game I am talking about I’d really appreciatean aswer. Thank you!


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