Can’t remember the name of this old game with a weird phase

So, here it is. I've always had and played consoles since I can remember, and I was pretty young at the time I played this. I'm 19 today and at the time I had a PS1 and a PS2, but i'm almost sure I remember playing it on PS2 (could be wrong tho). It was some kind of racing game with bad graphics and a really caracteristic theme song, with only a road to follow, this simple little car and different phases (I guess) with different scenarios. The thing is, when I talked to my brothers about it we thought for a while and they got to the conclusion the name was Top Gear but the phase I was talking about didn't existed: there was this big, dark, haunted mansion/castle, some girl that would show up on the sides of the road sometimes and scream, and honestly it was really scary for me at the time.

Today, I wonder if this was real or something my head just made up, but would really appreciate it if somone could tell me if it was really some random phase of Top Gear or any other game. The graphics really look like Top Gear so that's why it's been my guess since I've started thinking about this.


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