Can’t find the name of a game

I have been searching for this game for a long time now. I don't think it is famous at all, and it should be from the 90s to early 2000s tops. You could choose between classes such as warrior or wizard. There were skills such as Astral, fire and such. Some magic also had a spray format. As warrior, you could also use a bow. Armor parts were also there, such as helmet, boots, hands and breastplate. There were ogres, goblins, imps, giants, I think. There were weapon skills, and I believe they started at 20. Warriors also had 10 skill with bows, and wizards 10 with astral, which involved healing, I think. There was a campaign mode, you would join quests and hire mercenaries to help your hero. It was definitely not first person, more like isometric view. You could start a game on a scenario by yourself, explore the map, fight powerful enemies. I remember there was a succubus, and she was powerful. You could also play it as a multiplayer game, but only online/lan. Armor materials involved: bronze, iron, adamantium, mithril. You could also shop for those. Characters could be male or female. It felt like diablo, but with smaller sprites, way smaller, almost as if an RTS game. Anyway, I wonder if anyone can help me u.u.


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