Can you name this game?

So, I am trying to remember this PC videogame from my childhood. It was back in the good ol' days of Windows XP, maybe early Windows 7. You were racing toy cars. I recall a few locations: one was on the beach, one was on a pool table and one was at an infant's room and one on dirt. But there were way more. There also used to be power ups and several classes of cars. Most locations had some unique active elements – like the beach had crabs you had to avoid, in the infant's room there were some elements that would swing and you'd have to get on to pass and you could push other cars over. I think the pool table had balls rolling around and pushing you over. I recall driving a car resembling a toy Honda CR-V, a VW Combi (it's the hippie bus) and some Hot Wheels-looking car that for some reason was called Roadster.

There was a mode to run against the computer and a mode to drive against your best time.

I think it wasn't Super Toy Cars, but maybe I am forgetting it.

What other game could this be?

Ty in advance!


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