Can somebody help me find the name of a game from the 2005-20011 ?

Alright… I suppose it's stupid to mention that I don't need to know, I just have a small obsession today about a game I played a couple of times when I was about 7-10. I used an old computer and most probably that type of screen with tube. It weighted a few kilograms for sure. As for software… I can't tell, either Windows XP or 7.

I downloaded the game of the internet, twice but only during that period. I was searching for the game thinking the title was "Gold"( take a guess- I'm not from a English speaking country) and it was somewhat similar to Ages of Empire III but every played match probably lasted a couple of minutes, at the most half an hour. The map was a cube and searching for the game now, I guess it looks similar to Majesty Gold Hd edition. So: on the map you can either play 1v1, 2v2 or you against the bots, without alliances. You had to select a class- mages or engineers (?). Every base was starting in a corner. Every player had a colour- red, blue, green or yellow. The mages building resembled a basilica in Byzantine- Orthodox style or like a Renaissance cathedral. I don't know what the engineers had. The mages could use fire with their hands but where maybe weaker.
The buildings surrounding the base where build by peasants or by the mages. I know that the ultimate class unit was for the mage- dragons( stronger and slower) and for the engineers- da Vinci's plane ( it also could use fire) which was weaker but faster and could be made faster. Even the default mages could fire in the air*- I don't think the peasants had a range attack but the engineer class probably had more tupes of units. Anyway, the purpose of the game was to develop your base and destroy your opponent/ your opponents. Singleplayer game. It's possible that the only colour you where allowed to use was red and that's why I always preferred the wizards. The looked better with it and they had a better play early on while the other class was probably better in the advanced confrontations.
That was it. The whole game, as I knew.
No need to get out of your way, just tell me if you've played it or heard of it; I cannot find it.


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