An unknown old game – mid 2000s

Hey all!

Like many others, I too can't recall the name of a game I played years ago as a kid. I would love to give you a rich description, but I remember sadly little:

(1) The game was played from the bird's perspective
(2) You played as a little helicopter or something of that sort. It had a big propeller at the top.
(3) Each game level was quite a small map with walls and passages – like a maze almost.
(4) There were enemies around the map. With my brother, we used to call them "little octopuses" but I don't really remember what exactly they were.
(5) The mechanism of the game might have been reminiscent of packman – move around the maze, don't die, kill enemies – except here it was a helicopter and octopuses.

I realise it's a painfully insufficient description but I really can't recall more. The year was around 2005-2008. I would appreciate any help! Thanks a lot


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