An old 90s Windows game that Mario Party 4 is reminding me of. Was called “… European Tour” or “… Tour of Europe” or something.

I'm watching a friend stream the game Mario Party 4 on Twitch and I've never played the game before, but in some ways the game reminds me of a game I used to play in the 90s. I'm sure I got it free or maybe it was just a demo but it was titled something like "someone descriptive's European Tour" or "someone descriptive's Tour of Europe". It perhaps may have been "World Tour" in the title but it was distinctly set in Europe.

The game had a main character who was a "host" and challenged a number of other characters (who could be played on the computer by one vs AI or multiple players with them) to travel round Europe. You had to reach a randomly set destination and choose which route to take but it was essentially a "roll a dice" situation and you may land on good or bad points.

I had neurosurgery a few years ago that really makes me struggle to remember the names of things so I half have it in my head but I just can't get it out. Does anyone know what game I'm talking about and if so what it was called? I've searched for ages but I'm getting nowhere. It clearly wasn't a huge popular game 🤣


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