Hi, I used to have a CD for I think windows xp or vista, which basically was a collection of games, arcadey and copies of game concepts that are known for other games. The boxart was orange but I don‘t know what else was on it as art. There was a game on it where you play a guy/kid with I think a blue shirt, and it played like a 2D platformer, like super mario. it was kind of strange, you has enemies like skeletons and big flying eyeballs, and when you die you turn into a skeleton and fall into pieces, also it made a strange dissonant sound when you died, like when someone smashed the keyboard of a piano. I can‘t find anything when I search on google and hope to find here people that also had this CD back in the day. it probably came out in the mid 2000‘s

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/rnpr00/2d_platformerneed_to_find_it/

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