Month: January 2022

Old phone game

8 bit turn based game. With hexagonal maps and hexagonal moving spaces. I think 2010-2012.
I was looking for an old phone game but as memory is ...

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old point and click game

Hi everyone!

All my life I have been into point and click games ( my mother was a big fan ) so I played all the major titles and some smaller ones. ...

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Cant find it…!

Hey hey..! Here's the thing, I played a game probably like 15 years ago, this game is set in a futuristic world where the MC just shoot people ...

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Old Pandemic Pixel Art Game

Hey, so I’ve been trying to rediscover a game that I believe was realized somewhere between 2012 and 2017.
The game’s about a scientist who works on ...

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Bad company 2

Can you still play multiplayer even tho the EmulatorNexus site is dead?
Can you play this game via venice unleashed?
Is there any ProjectRome version ...

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Searching for a game


I remembered a really old game I used to play on my grandma's pc. So as far as I remember on the front cover of the disc was a guy with a ...

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