2 old browser games

I'm looking for 2 old browser games i used to play when i was a kid, the first one was where it was a 2d game, only played from the side, like angry birds. but this one was where you control a cannon type weapon with your mouse. you can shoot all sorts of silly stuff. like pencils, pea's, food, all sorts out of the cannon. and you shoot the objects at a town/village. the cannon was shaped thin. long. and orange.

the second game was where, there was these platforms. like floating. just like the maps you see in the game called "brawlhalla" the maps where similar to this.


you could manually spawn in these people equipped with knight gear. you could fight them with swords, it is like a 2d game, it wasnt a cartoon type game, it is played from the side, similar to the camera placement in the first game i mentioned i used to play it in the firefox browser on my dads computer.

if you have even the smallest idea of what these 2 games are called. please leave a comment. it would help.

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